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Le Creuset Oven

Some of the finest dishes that can be cooked by most people are made in an oven, or a Dutch Oven. Le Creuset is well known for producing the highest quality and most robust ovens and Dutch Ovens on the market, and they have been doing this for many, many years. The Le Creuset Oven is among the most prized ovens in the world because it is made from high quality cast iron. The hard wearing nature of this material means that a Le Creuset Oven is more than likely to last you a lifetime under normal home use, especially if you look after your Le Creuset Oven properly. When the lifetime nature of a Le Creuset Oven is taken into consideration at the point of purchase, the price becomes reasoinable as you know that within certain limitations, you wont have to replace your Le Creuset Oven, ever! Le Creuset Ovens are more than just cast iron however, as a coating of vitreous enamel is applied to the Le Creuset Oven during manufacture to provide a surface that is both stain resistant, and non-stick to a point. It is this coating that you need to look after and care for when it comes to properly maintainging your Le Creuset Oven.

How Do I Care For My Le Creuset Oven?

The best way to look after your Le Creuset Oven is to treat it properly, particularly the interior of your Le Creuset Oven. The enamel surface of the interior of your Le Creuset Oven is the surface that you will be cooking food on, and thus you want to make sure that remains sctrach free, is kept clean and free of stains. is never chipped and does not become cracked. When it comes to chipping and cracking of the surface, this mostly happens if your Le Creuset Oven is dropped at any time. As a Le Creuset Oven is made from cast iron, it is very heavy, so if you drop it there will be a large imapct with a lot of force and this can chip and crack the vitreous enamel finish on your Le Creuset Oven. Leaving aside accidents, the most effective way to clean your Le Creuset Oven is with warm soapy water, created by mixing warm water with dishwasing liquid. If necessary, soak your le creuset overnight, but never leave the entire Le Creuset Oven sitting in water as this may cause damage. Simply fill the interior with warm soapy water and leave to soak until you can remove the offending material easily with non-abrasive cleaning tools and products. Le Creuset produce their own cleaning product which is extremely effective at removing stains and discoloration for the interior and exterior of your Le Creuset oven. This Le Creuset cleaner is available from our store. When it comes to using your Le Creuset Oven, never leave it unattended on a heated element of any kind as this is when peoiple ruin their Le Creuset Ovens by failing to notice them boiling dry or the lack of any liquid in the Le Creuset Oven. This can lead to the vitreous enamel coating melting and being damaged beyond repair. Look after your Le Creuset Oven and you will have a great kitchen tool for generations!


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